Agility Summit, 24-25 November 2020


Agility Summit gathers visionary business leaders, managers, and change-makers looking for new ways to serve customers and shape organizations in a digital world.
For those shaping their organizations, the event provides knowledge and lessons learned from digital transformations, agile transformations to innovation, and reinventions to achieve business agility. Other topics of interest are: how to enhance agility, tools, and techniques that lead to a productive and happy environment in a digital world.
The current edition of Agility Summit is now digital, with the main theme: Agility and Leadership in Uncertain Times.

Why Attend?

  • Business agility, leadership agility, teams agility – discover practical know-how and inspiration that you can use in your own context.
  • The fast-changing world we are in requires a growth mindset at all organizational levels.
  • Join us with your story, share your thoughts, and find out how other visionary leaders adapt.

Who is it for?

Visionary leaders, managers, and top-level executives who think agility is the new normal in their business and in their teams. The forward-thinking leaders in roles such as Senior Manager, Start-up Founder, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Transformation Officer, C-level Team Member, Board Member, Business Owner, or leaders interested in agility can benefit the most from the shared insights.

How is it special?

Top 3 reasons:

  1. Inspiration, practical examples & case studies on enhancing Business agility, Leadership agility, and Operational Agility
  2. Exposure to top-notch international speakers, experienced agility leaders, and professionals from Europe and the USA.
  3. New innovative approaches to Agility at all levels

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