Leading Empowered Teams Online Course


This course teaches the foundations of great leadership. It presents the essential characteristics of great leaders and what they do differently, how they use inspiration and motivation to introduce change and create impressive teams. As you can’t lead others before being able to lead yourself, it also gives a model for effective time management and getting things done.

Why attend

  • Lead a team without resorting to inefficient micro-management
  • Use the coaching model for developing your colleagues
  • Build stronger teams based on a high level of feedback
  • Become better at time management
  • Understand how to cause lasting change
  • Improve your performance by creating a culture of continuous improvement
  • Hear examples of how other companies do it
  • Participants can benefit from a 45′ follow-up session with the trainer

Topics covered

  • What characterizes great leaders?
  • Leading yourself: master personal productivity
  • Building a balanced team
  • Growing team members with coaching
  • Adaptive planning and estimating
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Do more using delegation
  • How to cause change
  • Kaizen: continuous improvement
  • Practical plan for studies principles


The participants should have at least one year of working experience.

Practical details

  • Training language: English/Romanian
  • Experiential, hands-on, interactive online learning with practical examples
  • Participants will be awarded a Mozaic Works certificate of completion

Need a customized workshop? Contact us and we’ll adapt the content as required.


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