Native Cloud Architecture Online Program


Are you looking to take advantage of the cloud? Do you find the cloud landscape to be confusing and complex? Join this program to use the cloud for your advantage, whether you develop a product in a startup or looking at the benefits of cloud computing from an enterprise perspective.In 5 weekly 2-hour remote sessions, you will learn the building blocks offered by the cloud platforms, the advantages and challenges you need to be aware of, and migration strategies. Otherwise said, you will learn how to think as a cloud native.

Why Attend

Experience the opportunities of native cloud architecture:

  • Navigate the complex world of cloud services
  • Take advantage of the cloud offering while avoiding traps and common challenges
  • Build architectures using the building blocks offered by cloud platforms
  • Practice all the techniques on simple exercises and on real projects
  • Experiential learning for participants

Topics Covered

The following topics are covered by the program:

  • Introduction to Native Cloud Architecture
    • Native Cloud Architecture vs. Existing Architecture Models
    • Common Concerns Related to the Cloud
  • Building Blocks of Cloud Platforms
    • Identity Services
    • Traditional Servers
    • Networking Services
    • Storage Services
    • Functions as a Service
    • Communication Services
    • Workflow Services
    • Special Interest Services
  • Cross-Functional Concerns in the Cloud
    • Monitoring and Alerts
    • Optimizing Performance
    • Scalability
    • Optimizing Costs
    • Security Concerns
  • Architecting a Cloud Native Product
    • Define Use Cases
    • Identify Cross Functional Requirements
    • Describe Components
    • Decide the Communication Strategies
    • Operational Concerns
  • Migration Strategies
    • Divide and Conquer
    • Architect the Native Cloud Solution
    • Define Migration Strategy
    • Optimize the Resulting Implementation

Practical Details

  • The program can be held in English, French or Romanian
  • This program is about architectural methods that can be applied in any technology
  • Participants will receive a certificate of attendance
  • Maximum group size is 12
  • Group discounts apply. Contact us for groups larger than 50 participants.


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